Top 5 Instant Personal Loan Apps | From Rs 5000 to Rs 50,000 ( Proof ) | Without Income Proof

Here are the Top 5 instant personal loan apps that you can use in day to day without CIBIL score to get a loan 


MyShubhLife (formerly known as Shubh Loans) provides you extensive financial assistance through Personal Loans, Bill Payments, SIPs, Insurance, E Gold and E Tax filing.

1. Personal Loans

Loans for people with no credit score – MyShubhLife credit model assesses your credit-worthiness

Loans from Rs.3,000 to 2,00,000 – Small or big loans, as per your need and capacity to repay

Types of loans – Education loan, Health & Medical loans, Home upgrades and Emergency cash

2. Insurance

MyShubhLife offers custom insurance products for our customers:

General Health Insurance

Hospicash Insurance

3. Investments – Mutual Fund SIPs

Invest in the right mutual fund and SIPs at the right time. Make a big profit with Equity Mutual Funds. Start SIPs online and also save tax by investing in income tax saving funds. Investments as low as Rs.100/month

Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS)

Tax saving plans can help you save up to 45,000 tax/year. They have a lock-in period of only 3 years. Other tax-saving investments like PPF have a lock-in of 5-15 years.

4. Buy Gold

Buy E-Gold, starting from Rs.100 on MyShubhLife platform and get it delivered to your home.

5. Tax Filing

Income Tax returns made simple and easy on MyShubhLife app with Digital Tax filing. Simply select all the sources of your income and e-file them accurately

6. Bill Payments

You can pay utility bills (water, gas, electricity), recharge mobile, recharge Fastag, renew insurance, make repayments on Loan EMIs / credit cards and do a lot more with bill payments on MyShubhLife app

How to apply for a loan?

Apply for a personal loan in 3 easy steps

  • Complete your MyShubhLife app profile with PAN and Bank Statement
  • Generate your free MyShubhLife Credit Report
  • Apply for a loan on the app and get money directly into your account

MyShubhLife app connects borrowers with NBFCs/Banks. All loan applications are sanctioned & approved by NBFCs/Banks registered with RBI and their details are shown upfront during Loan application & in the Loan Agreements.

Lending Partners:

1. Axis Finance Limited

2. DMI Finance Pvt Ltd

3. Ekagrata Finance Pvt. Ltd.

4. Fullerton India Credit Company Limited

5. HDB Financial Services Ltd

6. Incred financial services limited

Top 8 reasons why MyShubhLife is the best app for your loan requirements

  • Get loans ranging from ₹3,000 to ₹5,00,000
  • Instead of looking for an education loan, wedding loan, loan for medical expenses and any other specific loan use MyShubhLife, a single app for all your quick loan needs
  • Loans to salaried employees with monthly income as low as ₹12,000
  • Get credit easily by using only a smartphone or a computer
  • Easy digital process with no paperwork
  • Convenient long term repayment tenure from 3 months to 3 years
  • Interest rate from 16% – 44% p.a. on reducing balance basis, depending on risk profile and loan tenure
  • Processing fee between 0% to 3%, deducted upfront

Information on Personal Loans

  • Repayment Period: 3 months (min.) to 36 months (max.)
  • Max. Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 78%

Representative Example of the total cost of the loan

This is an example to help our customers understand how EMI, interest and other costs are calculated. Actual amount, tenure, interest rate & processing fee will depend on the customer’s risk profile.

Loan Amount = ₹1,00,000

Duration = 12 months

Interest rate = 26%

Monthly EMI = ₹9,553

EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1], P Loan Amount, R interest rate & N duration.

Total Interest [(EMI x 12) – Loan Amount]: (₹9553 x 12) – (₹1,00,000) = ₹14,636

Other costs include Processing Fee (@2% + 18% GST): ₹1,00,000 x 2% = ₹2,000 + 18% GST = ₹2,360.

Total costs = ₹14,636 + ₹2,360 = ₹16,996

Total Repayment = ₹1,00,000 + ₹16,996 = ₹1,16,996.

Contact Us: Mail: [email protected]

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Navi: Loans & Health Insurance

The Navi App is owned and developed by Navi Technologies Limited, and provides customers with simple, accessible and affordable financial services and products. Products available on the Navi App include Personal Loans, Housing Loans, Health Insurance and Mutual Funds.


Personal loan terms & features
  • Up to ₹20,00,000
  • Interest rates: 9.99% to 45% per annum
  • Tenure: 3 to 72 months
  • Instant money transfer to bank account
  • 100% digital process
  • Flexible loan and EMI options
  • Minimum household income*: ₹3,00,000
No pre closure charges
No security deposit (collateral)
Loan Amount: ₹50,000
Tenure: 12 months
Interest Rate: 22% (on reducing principal balance interest calculation)
EMI: ₹4,680
Total Interest Payable: ₹4,680 x 12 months – ₹50,000 Principal = ₹6,160
Processing Fees (incl. GST): ₹1,475
Disbursed Amount: ₹50,000 – ₹1,475 = ₹48,525
Total Amount Payable: ₹4,680 x 12 months = ₹56,160
Total Cost of the Loan = Interest Amount + Processing Fees = ₹6,160 + ₹1,475 = ₹7,635


Home loan terms & features
  • Amount: Up to ₹10 Crore
  • Interest Rate : Starting at 7.39% yearly
  • Tenure: Up to 30 years
  • Loan amount up to 90% of property value
  • Instant loan offer
  • Loans for under-construction, self-constructed and ready-to-move homes
  • No application, legal, valuation or document handling fees
Operational Cities
Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mysore, Pune


Get your health insured in 2 minutes with flexible monthly premium options starting at ₹241/month. Cover up to ₹1 crore. File claims from your phone – anytime, anywhere.
Health insurance terms & features
  • Cashless claims in 20 minutes
  • 10,000+ cashless network hospitals
  • 97% claim settlement ratio
  • 100% digital process


Check out Navi Mutual Fund’s schemes, including passive schemes like Navi Nifty 50 Index Fund, Navi Nifty Next 50 Index Fund, fund of fund schemes like Navi Nasdaq 100 Fund of Fund, Navi US Total Stock Market Fund of Fund, and various active schemes including an ELSS scheme i.e. Navi ELSS Tax Saver Fund.
Mutual Funds terms & features
  • Minimal expense ratio
  • Save tax with ELSS fund
  • Support team to answer all questions over email or call
The Personal and Home loans are provided by Navi Finserv Limited which is a Non-Deposit taking systemically important Non-Banking Financial Company registered and regulated by the RBI.
Health Insurance is offered by Navi General Insurance Limited, a company registered with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India as a general insurer.
Navi Mutual Fund, registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India, offers mutual fund schemes to investors.
Reach out at
For loan queries, email us at [email protected]
For insurance queries, email us at [email protected]
For mutual fund queries, email us at [email protected].

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Branch Personal Loan App

Branch is the simplest and most secure way to borrow, save, and improve your financial health all from the convenience of your phone. Branch Personal loan app is operated by Branch International financial services Pvt Ltd. 
which is an RBI-registered NBFC. Branch is secure and regulated by all laws as dictated for NBFC by RBI making it 100% secure for users. This means we are a trusted, secure and genuine loan app in India.
The Branch app lets you apply for personal loans, It’s one of the best-rated loan app in India. We have millions of happy customers who have taken an instant loan from Branch.
We do not have any lending partners. Branch Personal loan app is operated by Branch International financial services Pvt. Ltd. which is an RBI-registered NBFC.

Branch personal loan app provides the following type of personal loans like dhani app, navi loans app and other mobile loan apps in India. We are also an RBI registered NBFC and you can take credit line for:

  • Medical Loans/Emergency Hospitalisation Loans
  • Shopping Loans
  • Home Renovation Loans
  • Consumer Durable Loans (home appliances)
  • Education Loans
  • Vehicle Loan (2/4 wheeler loans)
  • Travel Loans
  • Wedding/Marriage Loans
  • Student Loans

Branch app makes getting an instant personal loan simple by using the data on your phone including your SMS history to verify your identity and create a credit score. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy. We take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share your information with third parties.

Personal Loans range from ₹750 to ₹ 50,000

Tenure: 62days to 6 months. Interest rates range from 2%-30% depending on the risk profile of the customer.


Borrow Rs. 5000 at APR of 36% (per annum) with tenure of 62 days

Interest = Rs. 5000*36%/ 365 *62 = Rs. 304

Processing Fee = Rs. 5000* 10% = Rs. 500

(on which GST applied at Rs. 89)

Total amount disbursed will be Rs 4412 (Rs. 5000 – Rs 499 – Rs 89)

Total amount to repay will be Rs. 5304 (Rs. 5000 + Rs 304)

Two monthly payments of Rs. 2652

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You can CONTACT 

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please e-mail us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook!

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LoanFront – Personal Loan App

Our App is for an easy & quick personal loan & is digitally driven from end to end for maximum efficiency. This gives us the potential to offer an unbelievable speed of delivery. We also ensure customers peace of mind with transparency at every step through various communications.

LoanFront – Personal Loan EMIs is a single point App (Powered by our RBI Registered NBFC Vaibhav Vyapaar Private Ltd) that helps customers get quick, easy personal loan in EMIs, starting from amounts as small as ₹2000 and going right up to ₹2 lakhs.

Loan Types:

Flexi Personal Loan – A flexible loan option where you can avail loans within 10 minutes as direct bank transfer. All you need is your PAN Card & Address Proof to avail ₹2,000 to ₹25,000 for a tenure ranging from 62 days to 3 months.

Personal Loan for Salaried – A personal loan option where you can avail amounts from ₹5,000 to ₹2 Lakhs as direct bank transfer for tenure ranging from 3 to 6 months. All you need is your PAN Card, Address Proof and Salary Proof.

Loan Eligibility Criteria:
Indian Citizens, over 21 years of age and having a stable monthly source of income of above ₹15000 per month.

Product(s) Introduction:
Loan Amount range: ₹2,000 to ₹200,000
Interest rates: From 12% to 35% per annum
Loan Tenure: 62 days to 6 months
Technology and other related fees: from ₹100 to ₹2500 max.

Interest rates range from 12%-35% with equivalent monthly interest rate of 1%-2.9% only.
A small processing fee is charged for loans e.g. for low risk customers 2% – 5% of the principal, for very high-risk customers 6% – 8%*.
LoanFront charges one-time registration fee while onboarding the customers which is ₹100-₹500 depending on the product and the risk profile.

Example: Flexi Personal Loan

  • Loan amount: ₹12,000
  • Tenure: 3 months
  • Interest Rate: 27% per annum
  • Processing Fee: ₹690 (5.75%)
  • New customer onboarding Fee: ₹100
  • GST on Processing and Onboarding Fees: ₹142
  • Total Interest: ₹544
  • EMI: ₹4,181
  • APR: 45%
  • Loan amount is ₹12,000. Disbursed amount is ₹11,068. Total loan repayment amount is ₹12,544
  • Cost of the Loan is ₹1476 including the applicable Govt taxes
All we need from you are:
  • A selfie
  • PAN card
  • One government ID for Address Proof
  • Salary/Income proof
How does it work?
  • Update your details
  • Check your eligibility
  • Choose your loan
contact customer support for assistance.
Working Hours: 9 am – 7 pm (Monday to Saturday)
Call: 080 4812 6351

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TrueBalance- Personal Loan App

True Balance is a 100% safe and secure, lending & financial services platform, steering on the mission of ‘Finance For All”. True Balance is a personal loan app that has been trusted by over 75 million users across the country. 

Here, you may avail an online personal loan from ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 50,000 for a tenure of a minimum of 62 days to 116 days at a low processing fee. The APR ranges from 60% to 154.8%.

Features of True Balance – Personal Loan App:

  • Personal Loans ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹50,000
  • 100% paperless loan application
  • 24×7 access to personal loan/money
  • Low processing Fee, longer tenure, and attractive interest rate
  • Loan directly disbursed to your bank account
  • Pan-India access
  • Convenience of payment through various methods.
  • Repay on time improves credit score and get access to higher amounts
  • Repay Later option lets you pay part of the personal loan on the due date & extend the repayment term multiple times

We facilitate loans from RBI licensed NBFC- True Credits Private Limited and Mamta Projects Private Limited. Additionally, the app also enables its users to earn from home, do recharges and payments, book tickets, and much more from licensed entities.

True Balance is a PPI license holder which provides an RBI Compliant Wallet and multiple payment options of Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift cards and has also partnered with NBFCs for granting online personal loans.

How to apply for a personal loan on True Balance?

  • Install the True Balance app
  • Log in to True Balance personal loan app by registering through your contact number
  • Fill in your basic details to know your personal loan eligibility
  • Submit KYC documents and apply for an instant loan
  • Once the application is approved, we transfer the loan directly to your bank account

A quick glance at other multiple services offered by True Balance App.

Prepaid and Postpaid payment

  • Recharge Prepaid/Postpaid and earn Cashback
  • Super-fast recharges of any amount between 10/- to 2595/- on the network across 5 top operators

DTH, Pipes Gas, Electricity, Water, LPG, Bill Payment

  • DTH recharge available for all 5 key operators. Earn Cashback per month.
  • 54 Electricity boards, 24 Piped Gas, 3 LPG cylinders, and 30 Water billers

Please note

  • Get maximum Cashback benefits from completing full KYC.
  • All Cashback can be used within the app and can’t be transferred in any form.

For example:

For ₹10,000 personal loan borrowed for 90 days, with interest rate @5% per month*, a user would pay:

Processing fee (@ 3%) = ₹3,00 + GST (18%) 54= ₹354

Interest* = ₹1,500

EMI = ₹ 3,833

Total amount to be repaid = ₹11,854/- including Processing fee +GST

Loan Interest Rate may vary based on the user’s risk profile

Contact us:

Drop in your queries at [email protected]

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