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Personal Loan up to ₹1 Cr. at attractive interest rates, get funds for every need

IDFC FIRST Bank was founded by the merger of Erstwhile IDFC Bank and Erstwhile Capital First on December 18, 2018.

Growth is real only when it is sustainable and serves the long-term interest of stakeholders. An aspiration for accelerated and sustained growth paved the way for the merger of erstwhile IDFC Bank Ltd and erstwhile Capital First Ltd on December 18, 2018. 

Thus, a new bank with a new DNA was born – IDFC FIRST Bank. The merger is a milestone in the history of the two institutions and marks the end of one journey and the beginning of a new one.

The new brand identity of IDFC FIRST Bank signifies growth and energy. It reflects the progressive spirit of our times. The symbolism behind our new identity is drawn from the theme of ‘progress’. 

Inspired by a forward-moving bar graph, it embodies a symbol of growth that can be seen and measured. The three bars stand for a threefold purpose – progress of the bank, the progress of our customers, and progress of the nation.

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What is a Personal Loan?

Personal Loans from IDFC FIRST Bank help you borrow money for expenditures of a personal nature – whether it is for an emergency, for education, for a vacation, or any other need like a wedding in the family. You can avail of these lowest personal loan rate interest for amounts ranging from Rs. 20K to Rs. 1 Crore with flexible tenures ranging between 6 months and 5 years.

Why should I take a lowest rate interest Personal Loan?

You can avail of online loans from IDFC FIRST Bank for a wide variety of reasons such as weddings, holidays, education, home renovation, and for emergencies. Personal Loans can help address your immediate needs and can also be used for borrowing money for not-so-urgent personal expenses.

Do I need to provide any security or collateral to apply for an instant Personal Loan?

Instant Personal Loans are not secured by any collateral or security and are disbursed at the discretion of IDFC FIRST Bank, based on the creditworthiness of the borrower. There is also no need for any co-signee or guarantor either. We provide you with instant Personal Loan online without security so that you can get easy access to credit for your personal needs.

Personal Loans by IDFC FIRST Bank

At IDFC FIRST Bank, we want to help you achieve your personal dreams. Whether it is wedding expenses, unforeseen medical bills, funding your dream vacation, or renovating your home; IDFC FIRST Bank can help you meet all these diverse financial needs and more with an unsecured personal loan. We have also made it extremely easy with a paperless and hassle-free Personal Loan application process.

Get Personal Loans:

  • Up to ₹1 Cr
  • Competitive interest rates starting at 10.49%
  • Flexibility to make up to 40%* part payment
  • Top-Up Facility

Transfer your existing Personal Loan/Credit Card, and enjoy amazing benefits, including affordable rates and flexible loan tenure ranging from 6 months to 60 months.

Fulfill every dream, and live life to its fullest with IDFC FIRST Bank by your side.

Top Up option

Already have an IDFC FIRST Bank loan and need more funds?

Get a Personal Loan top-up on your existing loan instead of another loan.


  • Go ahead and fulfill all your dreams with IDFC First Bank Personal Loans!
  • Loan up to 1 Cr 
  • Get a Personal Loan up to Z1 Cr and address all plans on your bucket list 
  • No Collateral / Security Required 
  • You do not need to provide any collateral or security while applying for a Personal Loan 
  • Balance Transfer for external ‘ Personal Loans and Credit Card 1 Balances 
  • Get a seamless transfer of all your existing Personal Loans and credit card outstanding balances

Benefits of IDFC FIRST Bank Personal Loan

Quick and Hassle-free Digital Journey

We have designed a completely digital solution for you to give a seamless experience in the application journey. Now you do not need to visit a branch or meet our sales executive – your loan disbursal is just a click away. 

To note, our Personal loans come with a super-fast and efficient process, capable of approval in less than 5 minutes and disbursal in less than 30 minutes.

More than 3 Lakhs with industry-best TAT

Get more than 3 lakhs of Personal loans disbursed in your bank account quickly, with a turnaround time that is currently the best in the industry.

Best of Both Worlds

Our Personal Loans come with a tenure of up to 60 months & the best-in-class Personal Loan interest rate for salaried clients. For the self-employed, it comes with a special loan approval process using only the Banking Statement and no requirement of other financial documents.

How to apply for a Personal Loan online?

At IDFC FIRST Bank, we have made it easy and comfortable, with our online solution. You can also apply for loans online by filling out an application form which has a few mandatory questions that help us evaluate your suitability for the loan as an applicant

Follow 4 simple steps to get an instant personal loan.

Step 1: Online personal loan application Login to the IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking App and apply for a Personal Loan online 

Step 2: Instant loan approval Your request for an online loan will be approved after you pass the eligibility check 

Step 3: Upload documents Complete the personal loan verification process by uploading the documents 

Step 4: Disbursal of online personal loan After your personal information is verified, the Personal Loan amount is transferred into your account. IDFC FIRST Bank’s instant Personal Loan ensures a smooth and seamless process till receipt of your loan 

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Who Can Apply?

For Salaried Individuals:

  • Minimum Age: 23 years
  • Maximum Age: at the time of loan maturity – 60 years or retirement, whichever comes first

For Self-Employed Individuals:

The business must have been in existence for a minimum period of 3 years

  • Minimum Age: 25 years
  • Maximum Age: 65 years at the time of loan maturity


Instant Personal Loan disbursal through digital loan journey:

  • Valid KYC
  • 3 months’ bank statement
  • Net Banking or Debit Card details to set up e-Mandate
  • eSign/eStamp for faster disbursal

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE

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