BEST 9 Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Through PayPal ($10-$60/Hour)

If you want a work-from-home job that pays you via PayPal and gives you flexibility, check these out:



NexRep is a virtual, on-demand contact center.

NexRep is a virtual, on-demand contact center.

NexRep · Human-Focused Contact Center Solutions Experience is everything. At NexRep, we know that creating exceptional experiences for our Marketplace

NexRep is a leader in virtual contact center solutions, with more than 100 years of combined contact center leadership. By utilizing an innovative work

NexRep is the highest quality, onshore, at-home contact center based in the U.S. We are an outsource contact center providing opportunities for independent 

Here, you can work as an independent contractor doing customer support, inbound or outbound sales.

Because you’re an independent contractor working from home, you get the freedom to make your own schedule.

You don’t really get benefits when you’re an independent contractor, but there are still perks for working here:


  • $1-$3 per audio/video minute (as much as $60/hour depending on your speed?)
  • Training & certification program provided
  • No experience required
  • No degree required
  • Set your own schedule
  • Work from home




At Studypool, you can earn up to $7500 tutoring in all sorts of different academic subjects (according to their site).

Featured Study Guides … Our innovative live learning platform combines video chat, interactive tools, and collaborative workspaces to create a rich, rewarding …

Earn Money Tutoring Students Online – Studypool. Earn up to $7,500 USD by helping students in subjects such as Math, Writing, Physics, Business, and Computer Science. We’re actively seeking tutors in India.

Studypool is an online marketplace that connects students with questions with tutors that can answer them. Getting stuck on difficult problems is at the

What’s also nice about Studypool is they don’t take a huge chunk of your earnings for fees.

They will only take 20% of your earnings as their commission and leave you the other 80% to keep.

As part of the application process, tutors are asked to complete a Knowledge Quiz and their work on the platform itself leading to special badges to recognize their specialties and skills.


  • No experience required
  • Flexible hours
  • Worldwide




Ask a question and get an answer to your question from a verified Expert on JustAnswer, the leading Expert question and answer website. Ask an Expert now!

As a JustAnswer expert, you can see the fee the user is paying before answering the question. After you answer a question, the user then decides if they accept your answer and will leave you a review. Once you receive a positive rating from the user, you earn a commission from the fee.

How much does JustAnswer cost? This is a subscription-based service that costs $74 per month for unlimited access to expert answers. Premium services, such as document preparation, phone consults, or virtual technical repairs, all come with additional fees.

JustAnswer is one of the most highly-trafficked websites for paying people to answer questions.

You get paid 50% of what customers are willing to pay for your answer as your commission.

You may be able to make between $20-$50 per question you successfully answer.

And of course, if you want to be paid via PayPal, that is an option.

Check out this article on a guy making $20,000 per month with JustAnswer.




Textbroker is the proven content writing service provider to outsource your written content quickly and easily. Always get the exact content you need. Textbroker is a mediator between writers and content clients. Anyone can write for Textbroker as long as he or she is a US citizen older than 18.

With an estimated 100,000 writers and financial backing from Viewpoint Capital, Textbroker has a good reputation of being reliable and paying on time. They are definitely legit.

Textbroker offers authors several options to earn money online. Based on your content quality, our editors rate your articles between 3 and 5 stars. Since Textbroker regularly reviews and rates your articles, it is possible to continuously increase your rating and earn more for each word you write.

If you feel like you have pretty good writing skills for creating articles, you can try writing online for a site like TextBroker.

Here, you can get paid to write articles for different clients even if you have no experience.

You will have to take a skills test though to prove yourself as a writer.

As far as compensation, you get paid by the word and by quality.

For example, a great quality, 1,000 word article might make you $55 or so.


Myster Shopping

Call Center QA headquarters are located in Boston, Massachusetts and works with organizations across the United States to improve the quality and performance of their call centers.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals experienced in call center quality assurance, performance and analysis.

Our company is committed to helping you improve the overall quality and performance on your call center operation and increase sales. We are also committed to creating job opportunities for disabled adults and home-based parents looking for a career in call center analysis.

Our mission is to help our clients deliver outstanding call center service with every interaction through detailed and objective call and competitor analysis, works to keep our clients at the forefront of their industry in customer satisfaction and retention.

All of our programs are designed to provide objective, impartial observations to measure the quality of service provided by your call center agents. New customers may call the first time as a result of great advertising or a special price – but it’s your outstanding customer service that produces satisfied customers that keep coming back!

If you don’t mind making a few calls as a mystery shopper, you can make some money answering questions about customer service and other things about companies.

At Call Center QA, you can make $5 per 5–10 minute phone call with no experience necessary.

To apply, you must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.

You can also get paid weekly via PayPal.



Cambridge Proofreading & Editing

Remote proofreading and editing jobs. Cambridge Proofreading is committed to delivering a high-quality service to each and every one of our clients.

Cambridge Proofreading provides subject-specialist proofreading and editing services. The best quality, fairest prices, and a 100% guarantee.

Founded in Cambridge, England, and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Cambridge Proofreading has a team of 300+ experienced editors from the US, UK, …

Proofreaders oftentimes hold a bachelor’s degree in English or journalism. However, graduates in other disciplines also can succeed as proofreaders by demonstrating their understanding of written language. Employers frequently require candidates to take a proofreading test to show competency.

Cambridge Proofreading has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5, based on over 46 reviews left anonymously by employees. 93% of employees would recommend working at Cambridge Proofreading to a friend and 77% have a positive outlook for the business.

Have some editing/proofreading skills?

Want to get paid $20-$25/hour and work from home with flexible hours?

Check out Cambridge Proofreading, where you can get paid good money to work when you want as an editor and proofreader.

Check out the details below:

Here you can edit and proofread documents of all sorts that are centered around your areas of interest and expertise.


Pay range is $20-$25 per hour.

You get paid via PayPal or direct deposit twice per month.

You can work from pretty much anywhere from home worldwide.

This is a freelance/independent contractor type of position without benefits like insurance, 401(k), etc.

You also have flexible hours and can make your own schedule.

Required Qualifications:

Be a native English speaker,

Have an exceptional understanding of the English language, and

Hold at least a bachelor’s degree from a respected university.

Preferred Qualifications:

Advanced university qualifications (master’s or doctoral degrees), and/or…

Expertise in STEM, business, economics, education, and computer science, and/or…

Experience in academic editing or publishing, or as university faculty.

Technical Requirements:

They don’t mention any technical requirements for your home office setup.


Virtual Assistant


If you don’t mind do a little bit of email, scheduling, data entry, research, and other random jobs for clients, you can be a virtual assistant with Byron.

Byron is an on-demand US-based virtual assistant platform that gives individuals and teams the ability to quickly outsource their non-essential tasks.

Byron is an employment agency that brings talented administrative assistants and companies together in a virtual environment.

Byron pays every two weeks via PayPal. Our platform automatically logs your time and projects so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of how much you’re making.

Find your ideal job at SEEK with 1519 jobs found in Byron Bay NSW 2481. View all our vacancies now with new jobs added daily!

3 years or so of experience is usually required to work here, so keep that in mind.

You’lll also need to be at least 18 years old to apply.

Also, you get paid every two weeks via PayPal.

As far as how much you’ll make, it’s about $12-$15/hour based on experience.




TranscribeMe offers fast, affordable, and highly accurate human transcription, translation, data annotation, and AI dataset services customized for your work

We have the industry’s best rates, with earnings starting at $15 – $22 per audio hour and top monthly earnings at $2,200 (average monthly earnings are $250). We also offer advancement opportunities for our Special Teams that include Medical and Specialty Styles, which pay at even higher rates!

TranscribeMe has passed the most rigorous of security audits. Our service is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requirements and includes multiple safeguards to protect the privacy, integrity and security of personal information.

Registering to become a transcriptionist is easy. Just head to the TranscribeMe Registration page and fill out your information. You’ll be asked to go through a brief training program, then to take an exam.

An advocate for flexible work arrangements, TranscribeMe! offers “100% remote positions” and seeks “workers who are willing to learn and grow” with the company.

Transcription is another easy way to make money online without experience.

Transcription is when you listen to an audio or video file and type out what is being said and by whom in a word document.

One great website to check for transcription work is TranscribeMe.

At TranscribeMe, you can get paid $15-$22/audio hour via PayPal.

You can get paid weekly and start as early as 13 years old if you have a parent or legal guardian’s permission.

The main thing you’ll need with TranscribeMe is a good WPM (word per minute) typing speed.

You can test your typing speed or train yourself to be faster at

Another nice thing about TranscribeMe is their clips are usually just 2-4 minutes long.

This means that you can have more time flexibility because you shouldn’t have to spend too much time on one file.



Data Entry


If you are searching for a legitimate online data entry job that provides you with flexible hours, join Sigtrack today! This home-based data entry …

SigTrack is a remote job. It pay per signature validated. You can make up to $9.00 an hour if you are fast enough. 

You must be fast and accurate! Sigtrack is actively hiring work-from-home data entry keyers From Sigtrack: One of our advertisers is in urgent need of data entry workers. The work is…

SigTrack is one of the oldest and most legit data entry companies that mainly deal with signature tagging. As the company itself states, it links the …

Another way you can work from home is in the data entry field.

This is also fairly easy work that doesn’t require a lot of experience.

One website that pays weekly via PayPal for data entry is SigTrack.

At SigTrack, you get paid to do data entry-related tasks that have to do with petitions, voting registration, etc.

You get paid $3.70 per signature, $15 per registration, etc. depending on accuracy.

You’ll also have to provide proof of U.S. residency to work at SigTrack.


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